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Research video in the making

As the Black Soldier Fly grant comes to an end the UWA team are investing in the production of a video to communicate the outcomes of the research.

The video is shaping up to be under 5 minutes and tells the story about the project, from its inception and goals through to the research activities, some of the findings, and what it all means for waste management on farms and for those interested in developing sustainable products using black soldier fly farming.

Project Leaders, Dr Sasha Jenkins and Associate Professor Marit Kragt, are interviewed in depth with some supportive interviews from researchers and students who are a part of the research grant.

The video includes footage of the research facilities, including the engineering equipment, microbiology testing lab, a greenhouse and the black solider flies themselves.

The video will be released towards the end of 2023 once approved by all research and commercial partners.

Key Contacts for more information

Video Coordinator:

Tammie Harold at

Engagement Manager:

Janine Price at

Project Leaders:

Sasha Jenkins at

Marit Kragt at


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