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UWA Research Seminar on using BSF technology to turn livestock waste into profitable products

We invite you to join this online research seminar delivered by Associate Professor Marit Kragt who will present interdisciplinary research that demonstrates how Black soldier fly (BSF) can be used to improve the management of livestock.


Rearing BSF larvae on livestock manures can reduce manure volumes by up to 80%, eliminate the emergence of pests such as Stable Fly, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and odour nuisance from manure storage. Our experiments show that our BSF-based fertiliser product can increase crop yields and reduce nutrient leaching, thus potentially reducing agriculture’s reliance on synthetic fertilisers. We also gauged the interest of producers to use BSF-based products and the barriers to scaling up BSF technologies in food production systems.

Event Details

Series: UWA School of Agriculture and Environment Seminar Series

Date: Wednesday 2nd November

Time: 1-2pm (AWST)

Cost: Free

Venue: Online only (via Teams)

RSVP: no registration required

Presenter Bio

Dr Marit Kragt is an Agricultural Economist at the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment, Director of the Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development (CAED), and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Diversity & Inclusion). Her research expertise lies in adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, farming systems analysis, and non-market valuation. She has a particular interest in climate change mitigation in agriculture, and in integrating non-market values of environmental goods and services into decision making.


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