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Closing the loop: Black Soldier Fly technology to convert agriculture waste

This project is exploring the use of Black Soldier Flies to turn livestock wastes into useful products.  The overall objective is to develop high quality soil conditioners and fertilisers from manures and other wastes though innovative technologies using Black Soldier Fly (BSF) — a non-invasive, non-pest fly species for waste management.

Using BSF technology to convert livestock wastes into beneficial end products will not only allow Australia’s livestock industries to “close the loop” on their organic wastes and reduce the associated biosecurity and environmental risks, but will also contribute significantly to improving the sustainability of Australian agriculture.

This project will quantify the agronomic and economic benefits as well as the biosecurity and environmental risks associated with Black Soldier Fly farming, and with using BSF products (larvae and frass).

The research is being conducted by The University of Western Australia (UWA), in conjunction with Australian Pork Limited, Dairy Australia, Agrifutures Australia, Australian Eggs, Australian Meat Processing Corporation, Future Green Solutions, QLD DAF, and other industry partners.


The research team

The research team on the Black Soldier Fly project is diverse!


The project is administer by Australian Pork Limited, and managed at the University of Western Australia by Dr Sasha Jenkins and Dr Marit Kragt.


It involves researchers and industry experts from mechanical engineering, agronomy, crop nutrition, plant physiology and adaptation, geochemistry, and agricultural economics.

This project is funded by

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